Bipasha Baruah | Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Women’s Issues

The Faber Residency appealed to me because I wanted to spend dedicated time thinking about how to move forward on a research project aimed broadly at understanding how to ensure that a global low-carbon economy will be more socially just than its fossil-fuel based predecessor.  I used my two weeks at Faber reflecting upon trends revealed by my research on women’s employment in renewable energy, and writing parts of a monograph on climate change and social justice. As someone with a full-time academic appointment, with research, teaching and service responsibilities, I am rarely able to carve out the space and time to work intensely on a cognitively demanding task. Through its themed residency on Feminism, Faber offered me the opportunity to make progress on an important project while connecting with a diverse array of professionals working on gender equality from various disciplinary and methodological perspectives. The Faber staff were hospitable, kind and generous. They went out of their way to ensure that the residency was a productive and stimulating experience. I highly recommend a Faber Residency to anyone who would benefit from focusing without distraction on an intellectually challenging task in a picturesque tranquil setting.