Isabela Costa | PhD Researcher at Universidade Federal Fluminense

When I submitted my PHD research project to Faber for Diversity Policies, I imagined it could be an opportunity to grow professionally, practice other languages, and meet people interested in sharing experiences. But all my expectations were really surpassed. The experience has been amazing and encouraging. The accommodation at Hotel Riu Fluvia is the best possible, as we have the comfort and space necessary for plunging into reading and research development, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, the experience has it’s own awareness of existence, a retreat that allows for even greater reflections and awakens our creativity. At dinner we can try all the best of Catalan cuisine, it’s all really delicious and the people who work in the restaurant are very friendly and polite, especially Daniella, who brings us her best smile and friendliness every day. The daily contact with the group of resident researchers has been really fantastic, in a few days I’ve learned so much and broken so many barriers that I am very grateful to be part of this process. Linguistic, cultural, academic and personal barriers simply disappear when you find people who welcome openness and who accept and add to the different. Diversity is thinking as a collective, pluralizing ideas, empathizing what is different, gathering diverse elements to build a democratic space. And that’s what this residency at Faber has given me, a real experience of diversity. Therefore, I have only to thank for the welcome and attention of the whole team of organizers who made this thematic residence possible: Pepa, Gavina and Francesc. And to all fellow residents whose friendship and affection I will take forever.