Núria, Sergi i Sandra | Olot | January 30, 2019

The Meeting between Dinamig and Creaccio represented an exchange of experiences around the definition and consolidation of the socioeconomic observatory of a territory. We realised that even though the objectives are similar, the approaches of the two agencies are different. In the case of Osona, the socioeconomic observatory has been design from the beginning as an strategic area with the goal of creating knowledge and socialize it to help the transformation of the area. This observatory has two areas; “monitorization of Osona reality” to provide information for the decision taking to the technicians and politicians and “prospection” to inspire approaching the territory to the megatrends. Osona observatory has a specialized team in charge of the dynamization of thinktank spaces and foster the debate.

The garrotxa observatory is different, it was created by a group of businessmen that wanted to collect in one report the main figures of the territory. In 2016 they passed the responsibility to elaborate this annual report to the regional council. This observatory doesn’t have an specific team, instead the staff of the different areas select and elaborate a report about the performance of each area and finally they get together to share and debate around the results and elaborate and publish an annual report. different

The figures are worked in three areas; sustainability, social and economic. Nowadays they are rethinking the tool in order to have a different and more global lecture of the data, aligning with the objective of sustainable development (ODS)

This meeting became an exchange and rethinking space for both agencies, offered both of us the opportunity to see new approaches for the respective observatories.