Evaluation of “Rethinking School” residency dedicated to Pedagogical Innovation

Involuntarily –sometimes the fact of coordinating calendars, activities, trips and available rooms has this effect– in Faber we have had a second part of the residence in which some residents like Jennifer JensonMichelle Stack or Suzanne de Castell have acted as a bridge between the beginning and the end. So Mary K. BrysonJanice StewartTaylor WebbSheelagh Mayes-DanielsJennie Schaeffer, Alessandra Romeo and Angela Fitzgerald left, and Roxanna PastorCharo AltableHeike FreirePilar Cataño and Anna Peña arrived.

It has been a second part of the residence also very profitable. It goes without saying that the debates have been equally interesting, perhaps this time a little more focused on the educational reality of our country and on a somewhat less academic, more practical and more participatory environment. This is not to say that we have not also attended the universities since Michelle Stack has taken a class at the UAB, the GEPS SEMINAR, entitled: “University Rankings and the politics of representation where who and what counts in higher education”.

It was also the time of the workshops open to the general public to Faber. The four workshops were given by Roxanna Pastor, an early childhood specialist; Charo Altable, a teacher of therapeutic pedagogy in a secondary school, psychotherapist and expert in education and gender; Heike Freire, a trainer, educator, adviser and world reference in the field of Green Pedagogy; and Pilar Cataño, an education project manager, pedagogue and teacher. The four workshops were very well received by an audience that attended. In addition, Charo Altable gave another workshop aimed at teenagers aged 13 to 16 at Ideal.

Also, Anna Peña, project coordinator of the El Milà Foundation, presented the project Los Cuentos de Ninots to the open centres of Olot thanks to the collaboration of CASG. And another day he was able to give the workshop with Clara Nubiola, also a member of the El Milà Foundation.

In parallel to these activities and throughout the stay there have been working meetings, such as those of Dr. Jordi Feu (UdG) with Heike Freire and the team of the nursery Les Baldufes with Roxanna Pastor.

We close this pedagogical stay knowing that it will be replicated during the next academic year. It has been one of the most successful and in-demand residential stays. We couldn’t be more satisfied.

We would like to thank the residents for the willingness they have shown at all times and the facilities they have put in place when it comes to the proposed activities. We would also like to thank the Municipal Institute of Education, the University of Girona, the University of Vic and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.