Raisa Jurva | Escola Pia (Olot) | November 16, 2017

Escola Pia in Olot was very kind to invite me to give a one-hour talk about my research for high school pupils. The first part of my talk consisted of a description of the history of equality in Finland. With the help of pictures, I introduced to them some the events that characterize Finland from the point of view of equality, such as women’s right to vote, first female president and the construction of the welfare state from 1960’s onward. During the second part of the lecture, I described my ongoing doctoral research that focuses on emotions and power in the context of heterosexual relationships. Using quotes from the interviews that I have conducted with women that have age-dissimilar relationships, I discussed some of the themes the have emerged in the analysis, such as generation and equality, independence and vulnerability. There were two teachers present at the class during the lecture and they facilitated the interaction with students by making sure that the pupils are able to follow my presentation. For me, the visit was a good exercise in translating academic discussions into a more accessible speech.