Energy Transition

March 2018

Faber hosts, for a month, engineers, architects and ecologists, but also economists, sociologists and historians, and all kinds of professionals who work on projects related to renewable energies.


The access to energy and its use have been a driving force in the history of humanity. It has also led us towards dangerous zones, even threatening our future. We are at a key point because we have been able to predict the disastrous consequences of the use of energy produced from fossil fuels. We are in a critical moment that implies individual and collective responsibility: we have been able to create the necessary technology and solve many problems, we have an understanding of the consequences and the knowledge of how to avoid them. This debate goes beyond the scope of science and technology or politics and ethics; it is a historical thinking that projects itself into the future. The challenges of this future are diverse and complex. They question us as individuals and as a society, as active or passive agents of causes and consequences of the technological development. That is why at Faber we think that it is essential to address this topic and to deal with it realistically, distancing ourselves from utopian or apocalyptic scenarios. That is why we open a call for applications for engineers, architects, ecologists, but also for economists, sociologists and historians and other professionals, and we encourage them to present their projects that are in line with the topics described above.

Application deadline: February 1 

Notification of acceptance: February 15 or before