P. Taylor Web | Vic University | On April 9, 2018

Dr. Jordi Collet, Associate Professor of Sociology of Education at UVIC, contacted Faber to organize a seminar at UVIC with Professor P. Taylor Webb. “The seminar of prof. Taylor Webb at the University of Vic – UCC focused on new approaches in the analysis of educational policies. From authors like Foucault or Deleuze, Webb addresses this analysis beyond the supposed rationality with which, often, these analyzes are presented (or self-present). It also included new fields of research such as the link between education and artificial intelligence or genomic research. And the importance of interdisciplinary teams to address these complex phenomena”, explains Collet.

Educational policies must take into account the complexity, pluralism and multiplicities of the institutions and citizens that are members of and participate in it. We work with and in networks and hierarchies but also with the inherent contradictions in this matter.

Professor Taylor Webb also talked about how to relate the creation of educational policies with geographic, anthropological, economic, sociological or philosophical aspects. It has been a very interesting seminar that counted on the presence of Dr. Stephen Ball, a great specialist in this field.