Photo by Lior Lazarof

The three members of Colectivo Lamajara, Daniel Rosado, Paloma Hurtado and Reinaldo Ribeiro, have been in Faber for a month in order to work in a project which will be able to be seen on 22th April under the Sismògraf festival: Dispositivo LABranza; this performance will be played with thirty volunteers. Lamajara is working in this choreographic project more than one year ago. Dispositivo LABranza is inspired in the movements of farmers when they work on the land digging, ploughing, sowing, trenching and harvesting … These movements go with some sticks that symbolize all kind of useful tool to work on the land

The project has three strands: the social one, because of the direct contact with people from the area; the educative one, with the development of their own technique and the workshops, and the artistic one, with the creation of a choreographic piece for three or more dancers.

In addition, with this performance, Ona expansiva has been created. This is a collaborative project between Sismògraf and different towns of the area thanks to which Dispositivo LABranza  has been able to be seen, on small format, in Besalú, les Planes d’Hostoles and la Vall d’en Bas. Also, you will be able to see Dispositivo LABranza on 30th April in Mataró.