Amalia Torres | Journalist

When I got off the bus that took me to Olot I knew I had to hurry. That the winners of the Mecoph Prize for Literary Journalism would already be presenting their stories published in two books Cuando encuentres a Malinowski and Ritmos para el paraíso, in Can Trincheria, and that I had to join later to talk about my own text.

But what I didn’t know was that when I arrived I would see a very attentive audience, neighbors of Olot and others coming from Barcelona, for knowing how each one arrived at their stories and how they were drawn together until the final text was achieved. Nor did I know that the conversation with the new Master’s students would be so long that Can Trincheria was going to close its doors and that we would have to continue discussing in the Hotel Riu, where we were staying.

I didn’t imagine, either, that now, on my way back to Chile, I would miss each and every one of the people I met at the residence hall. Because, although everyone was working on their projects, we also took the time to do what we might not have been able to do anywhere else: get to know each other among journalists from different countries, realize that we had common themes and that it was possible (and even more important) to keep on getting together and collaborating, no matter how far away we were geographically.

With them we launched the first lines to create a network of collaboration from our respective countries.

In the Faber residence I met journalists and writers who have interesting, collaborative and individual projects and works, who are very motivated by their work and by what happens in their environment.

Journalism can become a routine job at times, but then there are experiences like the one that allowed me to experience Faber, that connect you with people full of ideas and passion for writing, that always ask you what you are going to do next. I don’t have the answer yet. But I already have the motivation.