Jane Chin Davidson | Institut Castell d’Estela (Amer) | October 2, 2019

During my Faber Residency, I continued my research on the twenty-first century shift to representing Global Art in museum exhibitions of artworks by contemporary artists from around the world.  On October 2nd, I presented examples of these images to art students at the Institut Castell d’Estela dAmer – primarily performance art and conceptual video from her forthcoming book Staging Art and Chineseness: The Politics of Trans/Nationalism and Global Expositions (Manchester University Press, 2019).  The students conveyed their insightful analyses of expressions by Chinese artists working in Hong Kong, China, and the United States.  The session ended with a clarification of the cultural differences between Global Contemporary Art and Historical World Art, and the way in which cultural objects are represented in either art museums or anthropology museums from all over the world.  The students recognized how the representation of art and artefact is based on a complex understanding of cultures from where one resides.