September – October 2017

Faber hosts for a month professionals, researchers and artists whose work builds on religion and believes, either at the scientific, historical or artistic level.

What is the role of religions in the XXI century?

How do religious beliefs in our society? What is the relationship between religion and politics? These questions and many others related to power, education, history, morality or ethics will be part of the fourth stay at the Faber Residency. We want to do a rigorous treatment of the religious beliefs, discussing various forms of relationship that we establish with the current religions in our cities and create a work environment based on dialogue and the exchange of experiences.

Who can come? Faber is an interdisciplinary residency. Any professional, researcher, artist or writer who has a project related to religion and believe that can participate in activities. These activities (conferences, round tables, seminars, working groups) may be addressed to specialists, but also the general public and students of colleges and schools.

To assess the projects it will be taken into account the candidate’s curriculum, the project work, the quality of the proposed activities and flexibility to adapt to different audiences.

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