Feminisms II

October – November 2018


Faber organized the first residency dedicated to feminism during the months of October and November 2017. Professionals, researchers, teachers, artists and scientists from all over the world came to develop and share their work projects. Happy of the success of that call, we have decided to repeat this period now with the subtitle “Woman and Science”.

We would like to talk about the relationship between women and science in a very broad sense. Work projects should reflect aspects of this relationship in any field of social, human, natural or exact sciences. We would like to consider the debate that refers to the presence of women in the scientific field, questions about the biases and structures that determine positions of power, but also projects that are led by women scientists, researchers or professionals who can contribute their point of view on science.

That is why at Faber we call biologists, anthropologists, psychologists, physicists, astronomers, sociologists, chemists, linguists, historians, engineers, mathematicians, architects and all kinds of professionals related to these fields. We encourage them to submit projects that follow the lines of work and thought described above.

Faber, the Residence for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities of Catalonia in Olot is a project of the Olot City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya. The first stay in the residence was organized in September 2016 and since then more than 150 residents have come to Faber. We have organized activities (conferences, meetings, round tables, seminars, workshops, etc.) in Olot and Catalonia, in high schools, cultural centers, libraries, companies and universities.