Ghadeer Mansour | Petit Plançó school (Olot) | January 18, 2018

Even for adults, the concept of financing city development projects can be complicated and difficult to understand. As a Faber resident, I was invited to Petit Plançó to share with a class of 15-year-old students my project of ‘Collaborative Financing’. To do so, we played a game simulating international trade and exchange. With different urban development goals – transportation, water, technology, housing, education, environment, and health – the students competed to collect the resources in the form of cards. The winner of the first round was the first student to collect all resources needed for one goal. This taught them in an interactive way the importance of strategizing, prioritizing, and opportunity cost in city planning. The students visibly felt the reality of winners and losers in each transaction. In the second round, the students exchanged resource cards with a new goal: to accomplish all urban development projects. This perspective highlighted the expansion of possibilities through collaboration, as well as stakeholder engagement. They realized by the end of the game that if they want a bowling alley or disco in Olot (their ideas), that they can be part of the process. We also watched a video montage of developments and projects in cities around the world to visualize the power of our ideas and resources, collectively. It was my honor and privilege to spend this time with the students and teachers of Petit Plançó.