Colectivo Lamajara

Sismògraf festival has included this year the Dispositivo Labranza co-production and has given the possibility of carrying out the social part of our Labranza project for the first time. This way of working to bring dance to the urban periphery areas, connected with rural life, needs institutional structures that give us support to do possible necessary infrastructures to develop the activity. Faber Residency and Sismògraf festival have made possible that for a month we knew more the life style in this area, its landscapes, its citizens, its reality, to feed our creative process, which this time has counted on many people’s participation. People with much different experiences but with a common universe on the stage, which is connected to identity and the essential part of each of us. Faber and Sismògraf have open us the doors, have given us time, place and inspiration because the complexity of the Labranza project’s social work was possible and was developed in excellent surroundings from a physical and human point of view.