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As soon as the magic carpet dropped him into another distention, the recent journey that settled in his memory has perfumed the new place; after all, he lay on the sofa to relive the journey that he took

Despite the multiple attractions —landscape, cuisine and people of La Garrotxa—, there are some places in this comarca that have a truly unique air about them. Imagine the world without lava flows to fellow? Imagine that one cannot delve into the territory of 178 species of flowering plants and 261 species of vertebrate animals that have been recorded or peering back to the Renaissance cloisters of El Carme, Basalt cliff at Castellfollit de la Roca, Estada Juvinya medieval castle, Medieval quarter of Santa Pau, Old town of Sant Feliu de Pallerols which comprise a unique heritage, all of exceptional scenic value, nor to discover along the ancient trails of La Vall de Bianya, the 15 churches that decorate this peaceful corner of La Garrotxa? 

If you perceive a rumbling sensation during your travels in this comarca, it might be more than your appetite lusting after the rich local cuina volcànica. La Garrotxa has so many attractions that it is hard to know where to begin nevertheless, you ought not miss its unique fine cuisine, the riches of local gastronomic traditions – where you can wax lyrical about the sweet onion of the volcano Montsacopa, the potatoes form the rich soil of La Vall d’en Bas, the delightful light haricot beans from Santa Pau, the aromatic truffles in the woods of La Garrotxa – you should not forget either to try the buckwheat, which used to make farinetes, a typical local dessert, the local charcuterie, the ratafia, a local herbal liquor, and the yellow and white varieties of maize used to make the testy semolina-like farro. Thus, I missed to flavour the fesol, a small white haricot bean from volcanic soil of Santa Pau, the Fira del Fesol took place on 21st January. However, I sipped Buckwheat beer before I left.

Imagine getting the chance to dance on the 44 volcanic craters

Imagine we were at the verge of an ancient and mystical world 

What else did we miss?


How? By car, by bike or preferably on foot

Duration: the whole journey

Signposted? fellow the lava flows 

More information: ask Maxwell

Itinerary suitable for people with culture curiosity  


“I love those who yearn for the impossible.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Why do I write to you?

I won vivid memories about our time there


I would like to salute you multiple times as

we gathered

we laughed

we chat

we enjoyed

we explored of all of exceptional scenic value

we learned

we followed the lava flows

we debate

we ate patates d’Olot

and the Catalan cheeses we tasted


I envy people who have never visited La Garrotxa; they can still discover, taste, and experience all those things that we had the great pleasure to explore!


Dear Alessandra, Angelina, Anne, Aristofanis, Brenda, Clara, Etienne, Francesc, Jessica, Gavina, Ghadeer, Maria, Maxwell, Monica, Negin, Pau and Sofia. People use to collect beautiful things; is there a need to say how lucky am I to collect memories of people with such beautiful spirits?!