Who can apply for the residence?

The profile of residents we are looking for is of people who need a space and time for productive work, people who want to share their project with other residents and create a friendly and supportive community.

Faber is a residence which is open to all types of disciplines related to arts, sciences and humanities. Therefore, who can come to Faber? Writers, translators, scriptwriters, playwrights, actors, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, artists, critics, historians, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, journalists, scientists, researchers, biologists, economists, lawyers and other professionals (or groups, institutions, enterprises, associations and other organizations) from all over the world:

a) Professionals whose activity is focused on some of the thematic residencies.

b) Professionals who wants to work on their projects for a few days out of the dates of thematic residencies. That is to say, to do an individual residency.

If it is necessary, the residence will issue an invitation for the successful candidate in order to apply for a visa.

What do we offer?

Faber offers you the opportunity to come to spend a few days (between one and three weeks) in the context of a thematic period to work on your personal project and, if you come to do a thematic residence, exchange experiences with other residents.

We offer you the best working conditions and environament:

a) Spacious room designed to provide comfortable working conditions.

b) Common areas (inside and outside the hotel) where you will be able to exchange experiences with the other residents, the public and institutions.

c) Shared area only between residents and Faber’s team. It includes:

– Two computers (one Mac and one PC) and two printers.
– Kitchen with all the necessary equipment. Also, there are microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.
– Sitting room and dining room.
– Four electric bikes.

d) Accommodation and half-board (breakfast and dinner).

Frequently asked questions

for residents

What kind of activities are there at Faber?
Faber is a service institution. Residents will be asked to do activities with their project work or some fields of knowledge we believe may be of interest. These activities can be done anywhere in Catalonia. Residents should have some flexibility to adapt to various public activities. The activities will be not paid in any case.
In what language can I submit my documents?
In Catalan, Spanish, English or French.
Where do I arrive?
As it is indicated in the instructions that you will be given if you are selected, you will arrive at the Olot bus station. It is 15 minutes away from the hotel Riu Fluvià. There will be a person waiting for you at the station. Unfortunately, we can’t pick you up at the airport.
Do I have to pay anything?
You do not have to pay anything to stay in Faber if you are invited. The only things that the Residency does not cover during your stay are your travel expenses to get to Olot, your obligatory medical insurance and your lunch. However, there is a kitchen at your disposal.
Food/ Dietary needs
Faber can provide you with vegetarian food. Getting a completely vegan menu is not always possible. We do not provide kosher food. However, there is a kitchen at your disposal.
The hotel staff is in charge of cleaning the rooms and the common area. The residents have to clean the dishes, the utensils and the appliances after use in the kitchen.
How about the laundry?
Faber provides you with bed linen and towels. You will have a washing machine and a dryer at your disposal. No dry-cleaning service is available at the Residency.
Can I travel to other places?
It depends. The Residency is a work place and not a base camp. We understand that there may be some work trips or some trips to reference institutions, however, generally, the stay has to be made entirely at Faber. We also understand that we are in a touristic area that offers lots of opportunities. If you wish, we can send you links regarding what you can do before or after you stay in the Residency.
Can I bring other people to my room?
No, the use of the facilities of the Residency is for residents only, unless there is a previous permission.
What are my working hours?
There are no working hours, residents organise their days according to their own convenience. The only limitation is the respect to the rest-time of other residents and hotel guests.
Can I work outside the hotel?
Yes, of course. There are some nooks around the hotel where you can read, study or write. There are also libraries and other institutions that Faber’s residents can use.
What happens if I fall ill?
Residents coming from the EU can use the medical services in Catalonia. However, it is preferable to get a private health insurance. For non-EU citizens, a private health insurance is obligatory. Residents have to send the copy of their insurance to the Residency staff.

for non-residents

I am a professional and I want to come to talk to a resident for work.
Faber is open to all professional artists, managers who are interested in a resident or in activities that are promoted. However, the acceptance will depend on the adequacy of the proposal, the availability of the residents and the agenda of the residence.
I work in an institution or I represent an institution, an organization or a company and we want one of your residents to do an activity with us. What should I do?
Get in touch with us via the web. We will evaluate your request.

Apply for a period

To apply for a place in some period, fill in the form below and attach the requested documentation.

You can send the documentation in Catalan, Spanish, English or French.

Before sending documents to apply for a place in Faber, please read the rules of the residence. It is understood that at the time you submit your application, you agree to the rules of the residence. That is why it is important that you read the terms of Faber.

      • Cover letter (1 page)
      • CV (2 pages)
      • Project to be worked on while at the residence (2 pages)
      • Proposal of two activities (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.) that you can carry out during your stay (1 page)*
      *If you are a group of people, the proposal of activities has to have 3 pages.
      • The dates for individual residence will be offered by Faber.
      • Project to be worked on while at the residence (2 pages)
      • Proposal of two activities (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.) that you can carry out during your stay (1 page)
      • CV (2 pages)
    • Drop files here or
    • I grant to FABER RESIDENCY, its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of me and my property and to record it on video tape in connection with the above-identi ed subject. I authorize FABER RESIDENCY, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use, publish and display the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that FABER RESIDENCY may use such photographs and video recordings of me with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content. If you sign this permission you’re authorizing us to include your photos on Faber Residency web, Faber Residency’s internal documentation and Faber Social Network (facebook, twitter, instagram). Also, if we organize a press conference, media can take you photos and videos.