Ange Fitzgerald | INS Monsacopa (Olot) | January 17, 2020

To complete my time at Faber, I was invited by English teachers, Pat and Carmina, to share my experiences with 60 senior students during a one-hour presentation at Montascopa High School. While I had been part of a feminism-themed residency, I decided to tackle the notion of breaking down barriers through sharing my key learnings from living and working in the Middle East. I provided some context about what took me to the Middle East, what I was doing there, and what life was like. I shared that my experiences taught me things like keeping an open heart and open mind about the situations I faced and avoiding stereotyping and generalisations. In response to my learnings, the students generated their own, such as moving outside your comfort zone, not being judgemental, slowing down, and looking for the best in people. The session concluded with more detailed discussion of my experiences based on the students’ questions.