The Faber Residency, the Library Service of the Government of Catalonia and Amical Wikimedia organised the annual Bibliowikis event, which around 40 librarians from all over Catalonia attended to talk about what bibliowikis do and to make proposals for the future.

Wikipedia and the libraries share the same mission: to facilitate access to knowledge. The WikiProject Bibliowikis is an initiative of Amical Wikimedia that, together with the Library Service of the Government of Catalonia and other library networks in the Catalan-speaking countries, wants to bring Wikipedia and its projects closer to the people and library professionals. The project began in 2012 and there are already over 200 active libraries on Wikipedia.

The event enabled those in attendance to learn about the operations of a facility such as Faber from its director, Francesc Serés, and from the residents who stayed there at that time (in the second period (Humanities 2) since Faber opened its doors), who had the opportunity to interact with the librarians present.