Adam Morris | Writer and translator

As a writer and researcher I often find myself tunneling deep into archives of letters and old newspapers, or sneezing over dusty library books that no one has plucked from the shelves for a while. The worlds I discover and revisit in my research grow more wonderful as I explore them and discover connections to other regions of knowledge. I’m an independent scholar, so usually I travel alone. But occasionally I find myself in the company of travelers far more seasoned and wise than I. The Faber residency period on religious beliefs was one of these experiences; it offered me the fabulous opportunity to convene with people with a deep interest in all sorts of religious beliefs. It is not so often I have the opportunity to regale a dinner table with recondite tales of forgotten messianic sects in America! At Faber, the leisurely dinnertime conversations among residents allowed me to reconsider my project and my ideas in light of other religious traditions. I learned a lot about my own project as I listened to others discuss theirs. Perhaps best of all was the gift of time we shared: there is no better blessing for writers and scholars than to put them in a room and tell them they have only to sit and think and write. And of course, the misty mountain views didn’t hurt! I leave Catalonia with much affection for Olot, for Faber, and for my fellow residents.