Marta Roqueta | L’Ideal (Olot) | November 4th, 2017

In this workshop, participants learned how to analyse gender, race, queer and disability representations in popular culture (comic books, sci-fi and fantasy literature, videogames, TV shows and movies). First of all, participants were introduced to the concept of trope, a significant or recurrent theme used to depict certain situations in cultural products. Participants formed two groups: group A worked on the most popular tropes used to depict racialised characters, on the one hand, and queer characters, on the other. The second one examined the most common tropes to depict women and people with disabilities. Each group exposed its conclusions to the other group, and explained which cultural representations have emerged in order to counteract these tropes. During the presentation, the participants also engaged in conversations regarding those tropes that they considered relevant in the cultural products they usually consume.