Celia Castellano | Freelance Journalist

This September’s stay at Faber has been a very productive experience. Needless to say, it is stimulating to get to know other projects, to establish synergies between collectives and media from all over the world, to exchange visions and to modify schemes about a profession —journalism— that is subject to constant changes and, unfortunately, little valued. It has undoubtedly been an exciting encounter. Above all, however, it has been an ideal space to work intensively and in a coordinated manner on the project of the Somatenes journalistic collective, which is currently being reformulated: a stage complex, risky, in which the understandable tensions of any change emerge.

The team’s need to find spaces in which to work, debate, disagree and connect, both professionally and humanly, has become an unattainable luxury, habitually subjected to a rhythm of life and frenetic work. La Faber, however, has allowed us a week of truce, to break the dynamics of telematic communication, which are slow, unfunctional and not at all friendly, putting at our disposal their resources to mature the project and open new lines of work. In particular, as a professional, a member of the team and a colleague, I can only say thank you.

Finally, during my stay at Faber, I was able to park my usual work in order to go deeper into the documentation of my personal project on ethnic minority discrimination in the Balkans, to which I have dedicated myself for the last year in a precarious manner and with an absolute lack of material time and mental space. And I write these lines from the airport, a few hours away from taking a flight, to try to open a path to which, whatever it is finally, the Faber Residency, for the second time, has contributed.