Falgars d’en Bas is a nucleus of the Vall d’en Bas situated at an altitude of over 900 metres. It starts in the Basin area of Collsacabra and offers one of the most privileged panoramic views of Catalonia. In this environment, the itinerary prepared by the City Council of Vall d’en Bas for the residents of Faber began. From here, in a bird’s eye view, the volcanic reason for the Bas Valley, the accumulation of sediments in the Bas plain and the evolution of the population type were explained. It should be borne in mind that the Valley has been inhabited by peasants for 7,000 years, and therefore the evolution of habitat type throughout history is a very interesting fact for residents with expertise in urban planning.

Once transmitted the most essential information to understand the territory we visit the farm Mas la Coromina. An agricultural and livestock farm that has adapted to the new economy by diversifying its business. It now offers guided views to families, schools and businesses. At the same time, it has its own range of products that can be found in its agro-shop, where there are also other local artisans. The next visit was in the workshop of the artist Jordi Traveria. He works glass and relates it to landscape and environment. An indispensable artist who highlights the importance of the creative fabric of the territory. A lunch at the L’Hostalet restaurant and a stroll through the old town gave new energy to follow the itinerary, because the residents of Faber are very intense and really productive. To start the afternoon we visited the carpenter David Dorca, an expert in teak chairs and wooden tables. And to finish the itinerary we went to Can Trona, Cultural and Nature Centre, where we could enjoy the permanent exhibition and taste many of the ingredients that had been seen during the day. The experience was intense. Both residents and technicians live a very fruitful day. And when you work with love, vehemence and humility, everything goes ahead. Some residents and a magnificent visit.