Marta Jordan | Literary Translator from Spanish into Polish

On November 22-29, 2019 I had the opportunity to spend a week in Olot where I obtained an individual residency granted by the Faber-Residency Foundation.

The experience turned out to be extremely fruitful and enriching. I was able to accomplish both the purpose of my stay (to finish translating and reviewing the draft translation of José Sanchís Sinisterra’s work Vagas noticias de Klamm) and to establish contacts with other residents, especially with the Russian writer Ana Matvieyeva who, like me, is an admirer of the work of my favorite author, Julio Cortázar. Ana, who is also a journalist and collaborates with cultural portals in Russia, gave me an interview where I told her about my experiences as a translator of the Argentine author’s work as well as his guide and interpreter during his visit to Poland in 1978.

I was also able to communicate with Jordi Casanovas, the author of the work Andorra which would be my next translation, for which I already have his authorization, and with Marta Buchaca who has already sent me her works.

The Hotel Riu Fluvia is an elegant, welcoming and quiet place, and offers excellent conditions for intellectual work that demands maximum concentration and attention. To this, we must add an invaluable assistance and support from the people in charge of the residence: Gavina Freixa, Pepa Pasamón and Pau Ávila, who – apart from being an inexhaustible source of information and contacts – at a human level, know how to create a warm family atmosphere among the residents, thus contributing to create cultural ties over any border, language, race or origin.

I cannot fail to mention the impeccable service and attention of the employees of the Hotel Riu Fluvia, and the delicious dishes served during the dinners, true banquets that culminated each day.

The city of Olot, with its narrow streets, its parks and museums, and its beautiful landscapes of forests and volcanoes became for me a memory of an idyllic place that I already miss and that I hope I can visit again in the future. THANK YOU!