Lizbeth Vega | Doctor in Psychology (PhD). Resarcher and Full Faculty in UNAM

When I heard about Faber for the first time, I think it would be a beautiful place for mi children to be there, because both of them are artists. But last December, one of my colleagues told me that she was there in 2018 and that it has been a very beautiful experience. I thought that, like a scientist and a university postgraduate professor, a residence was not for me, but my friend convinced me to apply because, she said, it would be a very rewarding and enrichment experience for me, like it has been for her.

I applied, and fortunately with successful. Roxanna was right: since you arrive to Faber you feel fascinated with that beautiful place, situated in Olot, a very friendly city. Also, you feel grateful with the kindness from Gavina and Pau, that make you feel like if you were at home. The place is very quiet and that was perfect for me to work. More than that, it was delightful to work watching the beautiful daily sunsets.

To interact with other people from different countries, professions, cultures and backgrounds, offered rich opportunities for mutual exchanges regarding experiences about education and pedagogical innovations. Moreover, our daily dinner time was a very rich opportunity to meet each other and to share ideas, experiences, laughing and many other invaluable things.

I almost finish a draft of an article that has been waiting to be written for a long time, and, what’s more, I also made some new friends with which it’s planned to follow being in contact.

For all that, thank you Faber Residence!