Arianna Giménez | Visual Journalist

This is the first time I have the opportunity to enjoy the Faber Residence. Going there I was really excited: first, because I did it in the hands of the journalist collective Somatents, in which I have participated for a year now, and secondly, to find out about the proposals that led to the residents of all over the world.

As a group we were going with a lot of challenges in which we have been working for months. One of the most important, the reformulation of the medium. Faber has been the space that has allowed us to imagine and begin to trace how we want this new path to be.

It is not easy to apply for new journalistic projects, even less if they are not economically profitable. La Faber has opened our doors generously and will always be part of the history of this new adventure.

Fears and the emotion involved in tackling new challenges have been appearing during these days. To face us, we have not only served as a group care —Faber has also been instrumental in strengthening the ties between us— but we have also been able to count on the support of the other residents who shared their views with generosity.