Andrea M. Vásquez Fernández | PhD Researcher

I come from the Forest engineering discipline and lately from a more interdisciplinary exposure (Environmental and Social sciences, Indigenous politics, and Political anthropology) and I have never heard about this type of opportunity before. One day I receive an email of invitation to apply to Faber Residency in Olot and I was perplexed. The invitation arrived in a particular moment in my PhD program: I needed to focus in get prepared for an important milestone in the program, the doctoral comprehensive exam. Therefore, I decided to go for it.

The experience exceeded my expectations. Being able to have time to focus on the identified tasks in a quiet and enabling environment was valuable. In my everyday life, I am usually surrounded by the craziness of traffic, long commutes, several commitments, meetings, and events, then, I immensely enjoyed owning the management of my time (working with the wonderful landscape of Olot in my window, was a beautiful plus!). The warmth, kindness and (now) friendship of my fellow residents made the stay even more precious. Together we shared marvellous meals and time sharing our projects, expectations, doubts, inquiries, and even watching documentaries!

The enabling working platform, quite environment, charming landscapes, delicious food, and specially the human quality as well as the genuinely caring from both, the Faber team and the whole Riu Fluvià Hotel personnel made this residence an experience like I never had before.

Many thanks for all!