Víctor Pallejà | Can Trincheria (Olot) | September 28, 2017

In a very exciting environment in Can Trincheria I have been able to expose in the middle of friendly and enchanting people a continuous flow of ideas that want to synthesize everything that I would like to make know to so many people who are worried about the world of Islam.

This is my work and I like to contribute to the extent possible against ignorance so carefully cultivated for decades of cultural annihilation.

I have been able to talk with confidence and this has convinced me not to leave silent this time a lot of information that I have been able to explain often for reasons of prudence and understanding of the public. Rarely one can speak frankly about this topic, that is the truth. In our country there is very little opportunity like this.

For the words exchanged at the end of the act, I saw the convergence of experiences from places and very different life experiences, which means that it was worth it.