Faber Residency

Friday, May 19, Faber Residency has presented at a press conference the fourth period of this year, this time about New Journalism. “The idea of this period was a collaborative period, in which residents worked together, to share professional experiences”, says Faber’s director, Francesc Serés. An objective that, according to David Vidal, resident journalist and founding member of SomAtents, has carried out completely. “Faber has given us the opportunity to exchange knowledge between all of us, to work and discuss together all these days. And we did”. Eileen Truax, US journalist resident at Faber, has also thanked this opportunity to Faber. “For me it has been an honor to be here, because it has opened to me new scenarios”. “The fact that Faber does a selection of professionals so careful makes we obtain a very positive results, from a professional point of view, and meet people with other experiences make you question your own and gain new insights.”

During the second half of May Faber hosts 21 journalists from all over Catalonia and abroad (Finland, Russia, the United States and Mexico), who discuss new directions that journalism is taking. Journalists have discussed the changes that have happened in this area, to investigate why it is valid, to call it into question and to see how we are affected by new  forms of transmission and reproduction of information. They are talking about this and more at length inside and outside the open days (on 18, 19, 20 and 27 May ) that Faber has organized jointly with Amikal Wikimedia for journalists residents and all public interested in.

As regards results obtained from last September, when Faber open its doors, Pep Berga, councilor of Cultura in Olot town hall, declares: “I only can express my satisfaction for the successful results that Faber is obtaining. When people want to share and exchange, they find one another, some things happen, and this is thanks to Faber”.

With this period, Faber closes spring and prepares next two periods, on autumn: the first one, religious beliefs (September-October), and the second one, feminism (October-November).