Katherine Stone and Tiina Sihto | Consorci d’Acció Social de la Garrotxa | January 14, 2020

I was very honoured that Tiina Sihto (University of Jyväskyl) and I could speak at the first event of the series “12 Mirades Feministes” (12 feminist looks) co-organized by the Consortium of Social Action of La Garrotxa and the Department of Equality of the City Council of Olot. Based on my research with Valerie Heffernan (Maynooth University), I introduced the #regrettingmotherhood debate that caused a scandal in Germany in April 2015. I explored the reasons why the topic of motherhood, and potential maternal regret, was particularly explosive in Germany and why the discussion was deemed important. It was great to discuss this topic with the community in Olot and receive interesting questions about the impact of feminism on women’s changing roles in society, on the fact that regret is perhaps not as new as the recent debates suggest, and on the differences between mothers and fathers in the twenty-first century.